The first perfume by Balossa, was presented in Kiev on 24 September at the Mercure Kyiv Congress Hotel.

Balossa Essence of Fetish was born from the desire to combine the ancient art of perfumery with a more precious and evolved concept of essence.
This exploration of the traditional and the unusual typifies the style of designer Indra Kaffemanaite, who famously reimagined the classic men's white shirt, overturning the concept and renewing it with a force of feminine expression and unexpected glamour. Those who wear or witness Indra's creations are invited to set into motion the dormant power of their own imagination. 

It comes then as no surprise that her first fragrance, created by the 'nose' of Vlad Zvarych, does not intend to be another elaborate representation of flowers, fruit or wood. Rather, through complex but balanced notes, it is a more intimate vision of perfume which becomes, nevertheless, a powerful tool of communication; a dispenser of beauty and pleasure to be shared invisibly through a natural embrace, or expressed physically with a simple movement of the body.

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