Balossa collections is all about easy chic, with a style that sings out a bold hymn to the freedom of the contemporary woman, her independence of thought and creative force, her boldness and fragility, her seduction and bon ton…
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Indra Kaffemanaite born in Lithuania, from 1995 lives in Italy. She went to one of the well known as academy for pattern making fashion schools - Carlo Secoli, Milan. An year in Fashion Service working out samples for the biggest fashion names like Iceberg, Maurizio Pecoraro, Giambattista Valli and many more. With that added to her resume and the genuine talent acknowledged, transformed the young Lithuanian into a proffesional designer.
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Shade of white that magically radiates color, geometric or abstract figures, stripes and contrasting shades, inspirations from the soul of pop plays with the hypnotic power of asymmetrical form and geometrical shapes, according to the rules of designer Indra Kaffemanaite.

The Balossa woman treads a new path in fashion; a path of enchanting geometries in which she commands the color white through a mixture of material, fabric weight and black and white prints, creating visually stunning optical effects that conjure up life as a sense of total freedom… the woman who chooses the creations of Balossa, becomes spokesperson and muse.

Each element gives you an atmosphere of mystery, a sensual poetry in a racing world, where nothing is stable and everything is evolving. Into this dreamy world the stylist weaves a story that speaks of a woman of contemporary elegance, a special woman in a special outfit that deconstructs not only the shirt, but also the trousers, the corset, and the skirt. This is done through a mixture of contrasting textures, a direct confrontation between minimalism and the abstract, a nod to the oriental consciousness that fits perfectly with western minimalism, in order to provide for the modern woman who changes from morning to night, between her one-thousand and one commitments, a perfect harmony between firm and soft. A woman who remains, through her work and family commitments, still ready to bloom for a meeting of love, to be both decisive, sensual and Haut-de-Gamme within the limitless world of fashion.

Indra Kaffemanaite, as a creative force, has once again broken the mould in order to construct a project which truly reflects today's modern woman.

These are the characteristics of a fascinating and successful theory in the domestic and international market that builds the Balossa product, a process constructed simply around the men's white shirt. The innovation of the white shirt is an ever-evolving project of the company founded in 2014, debuting later at the WHITE Fashion Trade Show in Milan February 2015. During the September White Edition, the Balossa brand was awarded the prestigious Inside White Award for Best Emerging Brand, presented to Indra Kaffemanaite, creator and founder of Balossa, by designer Izumi Ogino (Maison Anteprima) who shares Indra's appreciation for the cuts and volumes of the collection, in addition to the mix between Italian and Japanese moods.

After five years the company has about two hundred retailers worldwide, and can be found in Italy, Spain, Germany, the UK, France, Holland, Switzerland, Greece, the USA, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Kuwait, Egypt , Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates.